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From my point of view, a psychic attack is simply a thought form – good or bad. The word “attack” implies negative or bad, so to distinguish, I will refer to the good or positive ones as “hugs”.

Every day, most of the time without even realizing it, we send OR receive thought forms. They can be consciously sent, meaning you knew you were doing it and did it on purpose or they can be unconsciously sent, meaning you had no idea you were sending thoughts to another person, animal or a consciousness stream.

So, from my point of view, a psychic “attack” means sending or receiving a bad, negative unwanted thought form, consciously and on purpose with the intent to attempt to control, cause havoc or harm and to disrupt or disturb. These can be sent consciously or unconsciously.

When you are the sender of a psychic attack, it is coming from a place of fear. Fear can look like anger, jealousy, hurt feelings, disappointment, judgment or control. The fear comes with levels of intensity. For example, I can have a low level of anger and just be frustrated about something or I can have a high level and be in state of complete rage. The level of intensity of the fear will determine the intensity the psychic attack is felt along with the energetic sensitivity of the person receiving the negative thought form being blasts at them.

When you are recipient of a psychic attack, you can feel your energy drain when you are around a certain person, can suddenly feel pain, get a headache, feel ‘off’, suicidal, depressed or anxious, just to name a few. Now, to be clear, not all pain, headaches, feeling off, suicidal, depression or anxiety are results of psychic attacks. For example, if you are normally happy and things are going well in your life and suddenly you are feeling off, depressed or anxious and there is no identifiable cause, it could be a psychic attack.  Pain that has no ‘cause’, can be a psychic attack.

So what do you do about it? Here’s what I do when I have a pain or feeling that doesn’t match what is going with me at the moment ... I simply ASK, “Who does this belong to? Crazy simple, but max effective. When I ask “WHO” does this belong to, my body and my mind know whether it belongs to me or was sent to me. When it is not mine, it will go away 9 times out of 10. The “who does this belong to” is a sort of return to sender thought …

So a psychic “hug” means sending or receiving a loving, kind and/or positive thought form, consciously and on purpose or unconsciously.

When you are the sender of a psychic hug, it is coming from a place of love and can look and feel like friendship, kindness, trustworthiness, compassion, compliments and support.

Face it, we are all empaths to some degree … We all pick up on other people’s thoughts all the time ... and most of the time we think those thoughts are our own – so when someone is sending you a “psychic “attack” or a “psychic hug”, we pick up on it right away. Usually we are getting it subconsciously and just feel it in our bodies, our emotions or our mind.

Many people go their entire lives and think they never experience a negative psychic attack. Others, seem to feel like they are on a target range most of the time and get hit quite often. The goal is to become aware of what thought forms are coming your way and what you are sending out to others. Block the bad ones and aim for the good ones.

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