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As someone who has been in the medical field and in the energy healing field for over 10 years, I understand the need and the want for a quick fix to whatever ails us. Western medicine is quick to prescribe various medicines that may or may not heal the illness. Those treatments may come at a cost in some other way, be it monetary, via side effects, or other affects on the body, mind, or spirit. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for Western medicine and I am not suggesting that you should not follow your health provider's recommendations. As an energy healer, I also see clients who want me to heal them - sometimes one session is all I've got to "prove" myself and make everything in their life better. Funny how when you say that out loud, how ridiculous it sounds, and, yet, I am not judging them. Almost all of us have been at a point in our life where we just wanted to wave a wand and make everything "bad" disappear. For these clients, I have a lot of compassion. I wish that I could help them in an hour. I wish that I could take their pain away. But, in doing so, I’d be robbing them of the lesson.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret....one that I tell my clients...you CAN heal yourself. It may not happen overnight, but it absolutely, positively can happen. Healing starts with you wanting to be healed and believing that you can and healers facilitate your process.

When I am in a reiki or energy healing session with a client, I hold the energy and space to allow the client to let it flow to where he/she needs it. I follow the energy flow and move to the area of the body or the chakra that I feel the energy flowing the most. I may discuss what I am sensing during or after the session as my guides or the guides of the clients show me. I am not doing the healing, but rather, my job is to help you embrace the wonderful healer that is you. To tap into the divine source energy flowing through you.

Many times, a physical ailment is caused by an emotional cause. It’s easier to deal with a physical pain rather than an emotional pain. However, if we never touch on the root of the problem, the problem will only get worse. If we hide the emotional pain and stuff it, it will eventually turn into a physical ailment that requires our attention. Demands it. So, even if it’s not what the client is wanting, it is what the client is needing. An emotional healing. To allow the part of you that is hurting to verbalize the hurt and to be comforted. To shine a light on the darkness and to love that darkness and integrate it as you - as the whole you.

The pain is a valuable lesson. Place value in that lesson. The Universe is allowing you to be in the situation that you are in to allow you to grow and to learn. The Universe gives you several chances to learn a lesson that you agreed to learn. The lesson becomes more in your face and more painful the more times you face it. By the time a person finds themself on my table, giving me an hour to fix their life, they are desperate to stop the pain. It is my job to empower them, to hold space, to let the divine healing energy flow through me, so that they may heal themself.

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