Spirit Quest Journeys

You are WORTHY.
You can CHOOSE 
What's true FOR YOU 
What beliefs SUPPORT YOU best.

 Remember these words. Tattoo them on your forehead if you must, but remember them for they are true. True FOR you. True OF you. Make this your mantra if you do nothing else.

We are in and entering more fully into a 150-year magnificent time. It is an honor and a privilege to have each of you in our lives for together we make a TRIBE. We don’t know about you; but we are discovering for the first time maybe, how important having a TRIBE really is. For together we are so much more than the individual parts .. we were meant to come together .. to blend our energies and create something magnificent.

As we mentioned earlier, 2018 is an 11 year which is powerful time of manifestation. The sun moved into the 11th house of the zodiac, Aquarius and we have an upcoming full moon on January 31 which is associated with Leo at 11 degrees.  This gives us triple 11 energies, which in and of itself is powerful. The upcoming Full moon on January 31, is a super moon, a blue moon AND a lunar eclipse. It screams of the divine feminine power.

This is a time for epic transformation in your life. A time to break free from your comfort zone, clear the energetic cobwebs that are hidden in your shadow self and keeping you stuck. It is a time when all the old uglies, nasties and fears come back around one more time, screaming to be set free. Remember that they will continue to return until you have removed your emotional charge and baggage around them.

It is a time to see where the TRUE YOU fit’s in the rhythm and patterns of this time space reality and Universe. And it’s time to LET GO of ANYTHING that is NOT illuminating your BEST SELF as you float into 2018.

A common theme we have seen in many conversations of late, is the issue of abandonment. It is appearing to be more powerful in many people’s lives than fear. So, what is abandonment and how does it show up? It’s our self-talk, which is flavored, colored and woven by our core beliefs, attitudes and judgments, unhealed wounded child, unaccepted shadows and our resistance to change. As energetically sensitive souls surrounded by narcissists and feeling like EVERYTHING is our fault; that we are not worthy because if we were worthy, we would not be abandoned. It shows up in relationships (difficulties or a break up); in our jobs and careers (as not getting that promotion or opportunity or pay raise or getting laid off or fired); in doing something and feeling like we failed; in feeling the need to set personal boundaries with someone ... and the list goes on ... it all boils down to the feeling that you abandon-able. Someone others want to abandon! Someone unworthy or someone else’s time, love and attention.

OH WOW! Did you get that? The feeling that you are not worthy because you feel like you have, can and will be abandoned!


Let that sink it. See how it feels in your body.

Find where your mental body put that and clear it.

Find where your physical body put that and clear it.

Find where your emotional body put that and clear it.

 Now ask yourself:

 Does your fear of being abandoned (being rejected by someone or you rejecting someone) fit into the various ways you hold yourself back?

Who would you be if you knew and believed that you are un-abandonable?

What would your life feel like if you disconnected from that fear, from that sense that I would be “wrong” if I took the risk?

 Enjoy this super blue moon coming up next week. Do your best to take off your fear-noculars and view your world from the infinite possibilities reality that exists when you do. See the bigger broader picture and step forward ...even when its scary … for you have your Tribe. We are here for you.

If you’ve been standing in resistance of anything ... take a moment, breathe and center and then ask yourself:

What is my real reason for resisting this?

How is my resistance improving my life?

How is my resistance helping me step into Unity Heart-Centered consciousness?

How is my resistance moving me forward on my path of mastery?

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