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The Taboo of Feeling Angry. This topic has been coming up a lot in my life lately so I feel like it's time to address it. Why, as a society, have we made it taboo to feel angry? It is a normal emotion, just like feeling happy or sad, but we have placed a dangerous judgment on anger. We have been told, either explicitly or implicitly that it is wrong to feel anger, that it is a character flaw, that you are BAD if you are angry.

This has lead to a certain malignancy when it comes to the feeling of anger or other perceived negative emotions. It is eating people up inside...literally. Many of the ailments and diseases and cancers that afflict people are caused by these emotions that are not allowed to have a voice. They aren't allowed to be exposed to the light of day. So they fester. And they start doing the physical body harm. They cause toxic relationships. They cause psychological harm, emotional harm. physical harm. These stuffed emotions also affect those we love the most when we snap at them or get triggered (because of the energy vibration of a situation) into attacking them verbally or physically, or we withdraw from them emotionally. We are causing so much more harm by not acknowledging anger than we ever would by just letting it have a voice in our life.

We need to start teaching our youth that it's ok to feel angry and to talk about it. It's time to allow our family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and strangers to have a safe space to voice their true feelings about a situation. Think about the freedom that could be felt by saying that wasn't fair! I didn't like that! That situation caused me to feel angry. To feel pain. It made me want to lash out, but I held it in and stuffed it. I am not saying that this gives anyone the right to spew anything and everything onto you. There is a line between speaking the truth of how a situation made you feel and being abusive to the person on the receiving end of the conversation. We need to have a safe outlet to release our anger and frustrations.

We have a toxic situation in our world today where people are stuffing and suffering in isolation. This is causing harmful behaviors towards themselves and towards others. I wonder how many of the family violence incidences, mass shootings, road rage incidences, the suicide attempts and suicides, self harm and self sabotaging behaviors, drug abuse, and other harmful patterns of behaviors could have been or could be avoided by taking the time to release the anger or sadness or other perceived negative emotions at the time of occurrence instead of stuffing it and never allowing it to see the light of day? What would our world and society look like if our shadow emotions were shown love and acceptance and embraced as part of an individual. What would it feel like to know that you would be loved and accepted, even when you feel angry or sad. To know that you always had a safe place to land.

Let your inner child, your emotional body, and whoever else has something to say and NEEDS to say it, talk. Say life isn't fair. Throw your temper tantrum. Talk or write until everyone has said everything they have to say about the situation. Ask "how did that make you feel?" "What else about that made you angry?" "What do you need to hear to make it better?" "What do you need from yourself or others to heal, to release, to integrate?" What if part of your healing is to hear "I'm sorry" from someone and that person is either no longer here or not willing to give that to you? Then, you have to find a way to say everything that needs to be said to their higher self and let it go. Sometimes this may take several sessions as more and more comes up to be looked at and then released. Find a way to heal yourself without the other person. Give yourself that gift - the gift of release and freedom.
You are loved. 
ALL of you. 
You are accepted. 
ALL of you. 
You are a divine being. 
ALL of you. 
You have a divine purpose. 
ALL of you. 
You are part of the heart centered consciousness. 
ALL of you.

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