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How do you value a sunset? What is it worth? What should it cost? What would you pay? What about that smile from a stranger at just the right moment when you are feeling lost, lonely or abandoned? What about that very first kiss? Or that last kiss from someone who holds a special place in your heart? What about that AH HA moment when the world suddenly became crystal clear to you. Is it worth more?  Can you put a price on any of these or are they simply priceless because of the value they hold for you?

You see, "Value" is very subjective. What one person would be willing to pay for something (if they actually could pay for it) can be totally different from someone else due to their point of reference, self worth and where they are in their lives at that moment.

Price comes from a place of logic and reason, where value comes from the emotions and the heart.

Price is not determined by value. It is determined by personal means and then desire. For if the desire is strong, the means will present. (The universe works miracles when you are serious.) Price is determined by what it cost a person or company to produce the "thing," mixed with some self worth and reflected by the intersection of supply and demand. When supply is plentiful and demand is low, the price is usually lower. When supply is limited and demand is high, the price is usually higher. You've seen it ... try to get a hotel room or a flight during spring break ... prices go sky high.  Anytime a supplier sets their price really low for the sake of a sale, they can quickly go out of business if they can't cover their costs.

So how does value play in with price? Value is determined by the benefit it provides and the benefit is that emotional connection.  Simply put. how does it make you feel?

We see it over and over .. you might choose one brand name over another because of a perceived value or benefit to you ... you make think or feel that it's made better, it's healthier, it has a better warranty, etc. Does it really? Maybe, maybe not .. it's your perception and your feelings about it.

You might choose a pair of shoes because of the benefit of comfort, or sexiness or confidence. You rarely choose a pair of shoes for the sole purpose of just covering your feet. You are drawn to them because of how they look, how they fit, how they make you feel and then you consider price. If your desire is strong enough, you will buy them regardless of price because of your perceived benefit and how you value them.

So here's a fun thing to try ... find 5 things that you value and see what kind of "price" you would put on it. For me, I have a Susan Seddon-Boulet poster of a Shaman woman. It was given to me by my children for my birthday years ago. Something they collectively saved their allowance for and had a friend take them to the mall to buy it along with an inexpensive plastic frame. For years it hung proudly in my living room. Many years later, when we built our house and for our anniversary, my husband had a custom frame made with a 2 color velvet mat so I could hang it in the new living room. If measured by dollars spent, the "price" increased with the custom frame but is significantly less than a Warhol or Monet or van Gogh. But value .. to me, priceless .. because it comes with emotions and feelings. To you .. not so much .. you don't have the emotional connection to my poster.

So how does this look when its intangible to begin with? When what you are buying isn't something you can put in a bag and take home and put on a shelf?  When it's information? How do you value that? What price do you put on it?

When a light bulb comes on in your head, when you get that AH HA moment, that break through, that release of what has been holding you back, that magic of lining up your thoughts and energy and manifesting something so easily you talk about it for weeks .. how do you value that? How do you put a price on it? What are truth nuggets worth?

What value do we put on things we get for "free"?  We live in a culture that says if we don't pay for it, we don't value it. Why do you suppose that is? Is it because we don't have any "skin" in the game? Or perhaps we aren't in a state of asking so it's hard to receive and appreciate it? So what is different when it is a "gift" versus being free? Perhaps we might appreciate it and get value .. but is the perceived value for the thing or for the person who presented us with the gift?

When it comes to spiritual growth, what value do you put on someone's time, gifts and talents to help you? To give you insight, wisdom, direction to guide you along your way?  Would their value to you increase if you knew what they had spent to know what they do? Or what they had experienced to share what they share? Does it evoke a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the truth nuggets they share for such a small price when compared to the value you get from their insights and gifts shared with you? Or does your ego, core beliefs and shadows kick in and bring out fear, anger, jealousy and judgment? Do you view it from a heart-centered place of love, abundance and the knowing their is plenty for all or from a place of lack and limitation where you think there isn't enough to go around?

What price and what value can you put on awakening to spiritual truth, to remembering your gifts and talents and who you really are, to becoming part of a tribe where you are loved and supported?

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