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What in the world are you talking about? 
Why your feelings and emotions of course. 

Feelings come from the body. They let us know what's going on around us. They involve all of our senses .. touch, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting as well as our skin sensations which is our largest organ and always talking. Our emotions come from the heart, are amplified by the body and we feel them as pleasure, pain, sadness, fear, jealousy, anger, etc.

Our society only wants to see us being happy and positive and we are taught that any other feeling or emotion is not appropriate.

But is it? 

I believe that it is appropriate for us to feel what we feel ... but it's not appropriate to blame others for our feelings. We are responsible for our own feelings. No one is in our head making us do anything.

We act and react because of our own filters, biases, past experiences, beliefs, inner child wounds, self-judgments, disappointments and unprocessed feelings and emotions.

Those are ours, placed in our minds and thoughts by us .. perhaps influenced by our caretakers, siblings, other family, school, friends and media .. but it is up to us, and us alone, to decide for ourselves what is truth for us and what is just someone else's opinion that we agreed to and aligned with and what we accept as our truth.

Truth is subjective and not an absolute. Truth is relative to your own belief system and cultural beliefs.

When something arises in our world ... be it something someone did or said that triggered us; something we observe, witness or hear that disturbs us; something that triggers another sense such as smell or taste or a touch; we have a feeling in our body and it evokes an emotion from the heart. This is your signal to look at what you have agreed to and aligned with and ask yourself is that true for me now?

The truth and validity of our thoughts and beliefs change all the time .. with every new input on any given subject. It is up to you to use your discernment and decide what is now true for you.

When we view that feeling and emotion from a place of judgement, that is when we will often try to repress or stuff it and act like its not there, reject or deny it, or project or spew it onto others.

Repressed or stuffed feelings and emotions never go away. They will beg for your attention and can come out at the most inopportune time, especially if this has been our pattern.  Rejected and denied feelings and emotions never go away. They put blinders on how you view your world. Projected and spewed feelings and emotions take on a tone of self-righteousness and justification and even when projected and spewed, they never go away, they just wreak havoc and damage your relationship with others.

So if they never go away, how do we deal with them? 
Can we make them 'go away'?

Now, those of you who know me, know how I feel about the word never. It sets up a vibratory frequency that doesn't change until it has been disrupted and reset ... and it goes through your eternity. Hear that. Through YOUR eternity. Whether you believe in past lives or not. We are vibratory beings .. all the things we set in motion for ourselves, stay in motion for ourselves until we stop them. So while they 'never' go away, they can be disrupted and changed to another vibration.

Let's break this down. Are these feelings and emotions a brand new current one OR are they just adding to another vibratory one that began at a different time? That different time could be a past life or a current life childhood experience. All of which may have be added to over time and now you have this big vibrational stream going on. Is it a wounded inner child feeling and emotion or is it a core belief feeling and emotion? Either way, it is coming up to you NOW, for you to ... are you ready ... look at, honor, listen to, integrate the lesson and then LET IT GO.

It is OKAY to feel what you feel. When you can allow yourself to feel what you feel, you aren't making it wrong. When you aren't making it wrong, you are no longer repressing it or rejecting it and then you won't project it onto others. If you feel sad, feel the sadness; if you are mad, feel the anger; if you are scared, feel the fear; if you are jealous, feel the pain of not creating that for yourself.

What is NOT OKAY is to act like you don't feel it or to blame others for what is really yours. Blame and shame are never appropriate. They belong to you because it is your reaction to someone not doing what you wanted them to do at the moment. It comes from your own filters and biases and should be dealt with within yourself.

When you allow your feelings and emotions to be heard, they will then become part of you and turn into love. When you can view your experiences as an opportunity for your own clarity and inner growth and not as someone doing something to you, now you can function from your heart and a place of love.

When you allow yourself to reevaluate your beliefs and discover your own beliefs unbiased from others, now you are in a place of true growth.

It takes courage to look at our feelings and acknowledge our inner truth in the moment. To be able to admit that you really actually feel what you feel. It doesn't mean you will act on those feelings, it means you are willing to admit you have them. Own that. Be honest with the person looking back at you in the mirror. Thank them for showing up. Listen for the message that they are trying to tell you. Send them love. Then let it go. Return to love.

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