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What a poignant picture. Out of YOUR shame comes jealousy, insecurity, blame, verbal and energetic attacks, shunning others, persecuting and more negative energy spewing...all with your words. One of the most important topics we cover in our retreats is that your words and your thoughts have power. You can use them to create the most amazing life for yourself and others by creating thoughts and speaking your words from a place of love and from heart-centered consciousness. You see, when you gauge your words from that place, there's no room for negativity and hate and persecution. On the flip side, you can speak words that come from the ego, from fear, from lack, from the shame and guilt you feel about yourself. And the words you speak will amplify those within yourself and be used to tear yourself and others down.

It's easy to get caught up in a situation where a group of friends, colleagues, or family are gathered and one or two people start talking negatively about someone or something. Pretty soon, the energy changes. The vibration gets heavy, people start agreeing and it adds fuel to that energy vibration. It grows, and soon enough, everyone is upset, or mad, or agreeing with something that 15 minutes ago, they didn't have a problem with. It also puts everyone into a mindset of lack, mistrust, anger, frustration and perpetuates these throughout the day of those people and causes these vibrations to affect the people and places they come into contact with. Visualize a pebble being dropped into a pool of water. The ripples end up spreading far beyond that one tiny pebble.

Now, take people who are empathic and vibrationally sensitive. When you have a tribe of people who are bonded energetically, these vibrations and energies are amplified even more. When you have a tribe full of empathic and vibrationally sensitive souls, it's amplified exponentially. A person may not have even been in the room with you when you were talking negatively about them. They may not have even been aware you were feeling this way towards a situation that involved them or about them in general. But...there's an energetic cord that binds you to each other. They sense a disturbance. Unease. They may not be able to put their finger on the exact cause now, or maybe ever, but it affects them all the same. Their stomach hurts...right where the solar plexus is. Maybe they feel a heaviness in their chest - in the heart chakra. They just feel off, anxious, depressed.

The next time you talk to them or see them, they feel something is off with the bond you once had. There's a crack in your once solid relationship. All from thoughts and words that were said from a place of ego, shame, jealousy, insecurity, lack, fear or a reaction to a core belief being triggered. The tribe has the ability and power to amplify any vibration. Tribes have the awesome power and responsibility to raise the vibration of all and not succumb to the ego's desire to be right, to rationalize their core belief as the only truth, to feel better about themselves at the expense of others. The ripple spread by a tiny pebble becomes a boulder in a tiny pond...rippling like poison throughout a tribe. If these same thoughts and words were viewed from a filter of love and unity and heart-centered consciousness, the negative energy vibration could be transmuted to an energy that is for the higher good of all parties involved, uplifting all in the process.

I'm not saying to stuff a feeling or thought that may come up. I'm not saying that you will always agree with everyone else nor that you should. What I'm saying is to take a step back and view it from a higher perspective first. Did the other person truly mean harm or were they being careless and inconsiderate? Did it come from that other person's ego and view of their own self-worth? Or is it that your ego and core belief system got triggered and you need to take a deep breath and process the feelings you are having without sending those negative thoughts and words out into the universe for others to hear and feel? Can you view the situation from a place of forgiveness? We all know we have said or done something to hurt someone else - sometimes by lashing out, sometimes by dumping on them, sometimes we were so caught up in our own trauma and drama to realize we caused harm to someone else. If you still feel something needs to be said in order to help you get through your feelings and emotions, know that you do not have the right to spew all your feelings and negativity onto that other person or make them accountable for how YOU feel. Your feelings are YOUR feelings and the other person is not your cause because that means you have given your power to them. Your feelings are your feelings based on your own sense of worth, your core beliefs, your dispositional attitudes, desires and perceptions. Instead, speak to the one who has triggered you and speak with the filter of love. Do not choose to poison the energy, vibration, people, and environment around you by speaking these unfiltered words to others. Then, when you have said what you need to say, let it go, for to continue to speak, to never get past your own feelings, never does you or anyone else any good. It just keeps it in your present thoughts and starts to create a thought loop and ties you to the past and to the negative thoughts that keep you stuck.

Let's all see a world where love is the language spoken from the heart in all matters. That unity heart-centered consciousness is priority. One where we are conscious of the vibration of the words we speak and the thoughts we think. A world where we want what is best for everyone's higher selves. We can create this...with a thought, with a word. We have THAT much power. We can create a job that fulfills us and feeds our soul, a relationship that is about having fun and support and bliss and great sex, a bank account balance that makes us not stress over buying that fabulous pair of new shoes, a tribe that supports and loves each other and wants nothing more than to see each and everyone heal, open, succeed and thrive...anything you want...anything you don't want...you can create. Words have weight. They are living. Be mindful how you use their power. Use them to be each other's biggest cheerleaders and fans. OUR Universe will provide and support all the success, happiness, love, and laughter of every living being...all we have to do is think it and say it. Use the filter of love. Know that it already is...

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