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I know you all hear it .. that soft little voice that whispers in your ear. The question is ... how often do we really listen and then how often do we take action?

I had an interesting experience a few days ago while driving to meet friends for lunch. Now this particular stretch of road didn't have much traffic and everyone was driving fast.

I was listening to a song and singing along when I heard that soft whisper of a voice say "put up your protection." At the time, my next thought (ego) was really...why? But I did listen and put up my protective white light, called in the angels, my guides and ascended masters. Within 5 SECONDS of my ending my protection blessing and saying thank you for your love and assistance, this happened:

I was in the far right lane of a 4 lane highway traveling 78 miles per hour. To my left and slightly in front of me was a truck going about the same speed, carrying 4 metal framed full panel glass doors...two on the right side of his truck and two on the left. Suddenly and without warning, the straps holding the two doors on the right side simply let go and those two doors came tumbling into road...I watched in horror as the doors fell to the right toward the pavement, twisting first right then left, then hit on the front edge, bouncing the rear and then hitting the pavement...one door slid to the right toward me and the other to the left and across two lanes. I managed to maneuver to the right while slamming on the brakes, barely missing the guardrail and driving over the tip of one of the doors. Magically, the glass didn't break. Those were 3 long incredibly intense seconds. Had I been driving just one mile per hour faster or slower or been behind him, it would have damaged my car and could have severely hurt me.

I was in SHOCK!  My brain was having a difficult time processing what just happened. It took me hours to assimilate and integrate and deal with it. Not only was I faced with the OMG I could have died scenario running in my head, but the imprinted trauma of it...which is a form of PTSD. It took me driving that stretch of road 8 more times before I could go past the location and not feel it in my body and now I can finally talk about it from the place of observer rather than active participant.

What it did do was remind me that when I hear that 'little voice' whispering, to pay attention! The second voice we often hear is the ego, not your higher self and my ego was telling me that was silly...only it wasn't silly...it was actually a great thing and it probably saved my life.

Can you think of times when you heard your own little voice and listened? How about when you didn't?

I now make it a point to listen more and to tap in consciously on purpose. When I'm faced with a decision or a choice, I do my 4 quantum breaths, I call in the question, and then I listen for the first little voice. When I do that and follow what I'm told, I'm in the flow and things work out much better for me than they do when I act first and think later.

The funny thing is, the more you listen, the more often the voice comes instead of only coming when there is danger present.

I, for one, am thankful neither I nor my car were hurt that day.

About three weeks later, I was supposed to go to a business meeting...and I didn't want to go (yep, my little voice said don't go)...but I allowed my ego to talk me into going...well, guilt me into going because I had missed the previous meeting and thought I "should" be there. But I kept hearing don't go. Not listening,  I get dressed and head out and get about 3 miles from house, when I heard this "thunk," so I checked my gauges...nothing was glowing, so I kept driving...ego saying you need to be there on time. Then I noticed a roar but still no lights, so I turn off my music, roll down the windows and couldn't tell anything and I started to slow down...then the tire pressure light came on and I pulled over to a beautifully FLAT tire. I was on a back road with no shoulder and not a safe place for me to change a tire without a better jack. So I call for AAA...which took 1.5 hours to get to me. It took him 5 minutes to change the tire. By the time he finished, there was no way for me to get to my meeting because by the time I would have gotten there, it would have been over.  So I headed to get the tire patched...only I had to have a new tire as driving on it for that additional mile damaged the side wall...and that took another hour. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt. But because I didn't listen and was still in the ego of I must get there, I got to sit on the side of the road for 1.5 hours waiting. And not one person stopped to see if I needed help until 1 minute before the AAA truck arrived.  I have no clue what I was being prevented from doing (other than going to my meeting) but I do know if I have listened, I most likely would not have had that flat tire and been sitting on the side of the road for almost two hours.

I am being more true to my self these days. Listening to that first 'little voice' and honoring my higher self over ego and "should's." I recognize that when I don't, I'm not in the flow and life is just better when we allow it to flow.

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