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We live in a vibrational world. We all can feel it to some degree. You know, like when you walk into a place and it feels good or makes you uncomfortable...Or how you feel about certain people...instant attraction or repulsion...Or when you really want something and can't manifest it... 

Vibrations can be vague or specific. For example, I want a piece of cake versus I want a piece of German Chocolate cake with lots of coconut and pecans.

Here's something fun to try. As you go about your day, make a mental note of all the times you say I want a (fill in the blank) and try to the same thing using I want the (fill in the blanks) and notice how different the feel to you.

Examples might be I want a drink and I want the Coke. I want to go see a movie and I want to go see (fill in the blanks).

When we are specific (using "THE") we are actually standing in a place of power where we were clear and specific about our desires, whereas using "A" is vague and sort of wishy washy.

So what else is there about vibration?

How about the energy streams we create with our thoughts? How big, deep and wide a specific stream is depends on the amount of time and attention you put toward a specific stream. For example, if your self talk (silently and out loud) is I can't afford (fill in the blanks) and this has been your mantra for weeks or months or years, you have a pretty good stream going and it's going to take more energy to shift to a different stream...as you have a current going that's hard to buck. You will not change these streams with just a few better thoughts...you will slow the stream and make it smaller, but you can't get rid of it with just a few thoughts. Now, it won't take an equal number to counter it, but it will take a consistent better momentum to change your stream.

This applies to your finances, your time, your luck, your relationships, your work, your health.

What is YOUR SELF TALK for each of your streams? 

We all do it...we all have that self-defeating self-talk that keeps us in a certain vibration to varying degrees in all areas of our lives. What adds to our streams is how we feel and think and believe about ourselves.

For example, if you say I want a new blue car and then follow it with "but I can't afford it"...what do you think you just created? the car? or the lack of the car? If you said the lack of the car, you are right, because you launched your desire and then pulled it right back with the "I can't afford it."

So here's something fun to try...rather than say I can't afford it, play this game with yourself and the Universe. State your desire (I want a new blue car) and when I'm driving my (specific details about the car like my new blue brand, model, etc.) I am so grateful and thankful and I feel so (fill in the blanks). Thank you, Universe, for my new blue car. Get into the emotions of how it FEELS to have the car...how it fits your body, how it smells, how it handles, how happy you are...just go with the feeling of having it from a place of gratitude for having it. Play this game as often as you can. The more you play, the more you create that stream of having it.

Just do not go to the cursed HOW am I going to afford this...that is not your job (yep -- not your job). Your JOB is to state what you want (the new blue car) and then get out of your way, align your energy, be in a state of receiving, and jump at the chance to take action with the opportunities the Universe presents to you. By acting as if you already have it (you know how it feels to you when its there) you are actually creating that for yourself. The cursed HOWs are the Universe's job and they will get it to you through the path of least resistance if you can get out of your way.

Same thing with relationships. Are you approaching a new or current relationship from a place of lack, neediness or fear? Are you repeating your past bad choices in a relationships? Or can you say to the Universe, "I'm ready for a new relationship that makes me feel (fill in the blanks) with someone with these attributes (fill in the blanks). These are my deal breakers (fill in the blanks) and when I'm with this person I feel (fill in the blanks). I am so happy, grateful and thankful for this loving relationship. Thank you."

Remember your point of attraction is from the current vibrational stream you are running, so check your stream. Where are you in your readiness to be that perfect partner to someone else? Where do you stand in your integrity and ability to honor and respect your relationship? Are you just wanting "A" relationship or do you want "THE" relationship? A relationship without thought will produce someone...but with all your old garbage and patterns still attached. However, when you take the time to ponder what you are really wanting in terms of attributes and HOW YOU FEEL, combined with your personal commitment to the relationship, now you can attract THE relationship and not a new face to the same old relationship issues you may have been experiencing.

Get your relationship with yourself straight first, get clear on how a loving relationship will feel to you and what attributes of the other person are important to you. Then do a self check...you want this from another person, do you also have that attribute? (Trustworthiness, integrity, honesty, stability, etc.) If you want someone who is trustworthy and you are not trustworthy how is that fair to the other person? In relationships, you also need to be the perfect match to someone. So take time to clean your own house in preparation. Be over your ex, make sure you've let go of your past pains and judgments and expectation and really think about how you want to be treated, love and treat yourself the way you want to be loved and treated. Be specific in what you are wanting, not what you have experienced in the past. What do you want now from this new relationship?

When you are ready, meaning you've cleaned up your own house and know what you have to offer and are clear on what you want AND HOW IT WILL FEEL when that person shows up...you are ready to launch your desire to the Universe. Then stay in gratitude and appreciation and begin living each day as if they are already there. Imagine your conversations, what you will go do and how much fun it will be. Make room in your life for them to come in. Yes, this means un-busy yourself, clean out your closets and drawers, Feng shui your bedroom and be prepared.  And if any of this makes you scared or nervous -- you are not ready and moving forward when you are not ready will get you A relationship and not THE relationship.

"A" can imply you are settling or taking the first thing that comes along and is a match to your current vibration. "THE" implies you are wanting a specific thing and are in alignment with the vibration and feelings you've put out there.

The nature of vibrations is about our feelings, our core beliefs and our self-talk. Be mindful of what you are telling yourself for it is a self-fulfilling prophesy and the Universe will conspire to always make you right. If you think you can't, you can't. If you think you can, you can. If you doubt, what you doubt will make you right. If you fear, the thing you fear will happen. Be brave enough to look at your streams and strong enough to change streams if you don't like the one you are on. You are not an indentured servant and you don't have to stay stuck anywhere. You stay stuck when you won't look at or change where you find yourself. 

We are silly humans. As children we were carefree and eager to learn and try new things. As adults, the moment we get possessions, we try to stop all change. Why? Because we think we have something to 'lose' instead of embracing the flow.

No one gets up in the morning and says to themselves, I think I'm going to trip, fall down the stairs and break a bone or I think I'm going to get t-boned by someone running a red light. What puts us in those places is our thoughts. Being scattered, feeling vulnerable or unsafe, being fearful or in a state of lack or simply thinking how much worse can this get...all create a stream that you will encounter if you don't check your thoughts.

Contrarily, if you are happy and in a good mood, you see the goodness around you, things flow and appear very synchronistic. When you view your world from a place of appreciation and gratitude instead of judgment, blame, shame, worry, anger or fear, you are tapped into a stream of good will and the Universe will deliver more of that.

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Catch your self-talk and change it if it doesn't uplift and support you positively, be willing to change.

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