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We are such funny creatures sometimes. We will always complain about something in our life and yet most of us, on any given day, will fail to recognize the hand we have in creating the experience.

You see, the Universe will ALWAYS conspire to make you right. So whatever you think and say, you are putting out a call to the Universe...and the Universe will answer you and make you...right!

We live in a vibrational world. Everything is vibration. We sense and interpret and react or act based on the vibrations. All of your life experiences, your beliefs, your assumptions, your judgments, your biases, your reasoning about things, all form your own personal vibrational streams. With every thought you think, you add to one of your  personal vibrational streams and it is from this stream that you judge and view every experience you have.

We launch our requests to the Universe all the time. Our human problem is we have short term memory and expect instant gratification and we often forget we made a request in the first place, or that we called it back or we made it where it took a while for the Universe to line it up as we requested and then we act surprised that it happened the way it did. 

Much like stating I want a new car and following it up immediately with “but I can't afford it.” You created the not having the car. When you are in the "maybe, or I don't know" you are sending vague wishy washy requests and you get back...vague and wishy washy. When you are clear and focus on receiving (not obsessing) something, are taking action steps toward it, unwavering in your knowing its coming to you, it appears. 

We are all multifaceted beings. We have thousands of aspects of ourselves and each one is unique. While each of us can be a kind spirit or a mean jerk, how someone else experiences us really depends on their beliefs, attitudes, judgments, biases, past experiences and the vibrational thought stream they are tapped into at the moment.

If you think someone is an asshole, you will pull out their asshole aspect and get to see and experience the asshole side of them.  Just like if you think that very same person is kind, you will pull out their kindness aspect and get to see and experience their kindness. You pull out from people what YOU think ABOUT THEM!

If you think you have no money, you will experience not having money. If you think you are sick, you will experience being sick. If you suspect the worst, you will experience the worst. What you THINK matters! It is a call to the Universe...each and every time.

If you think that no one values or respects you, you will experience people not valuing or respecting you...even when they are normally the most respectful and highly value you. It is not them...it is your thought stream that the Universe is matching through the path of least resistance. Let that sink in. 

Now, we all know that no one wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, "I think today I will fall down and break my leg or get sideswiped by another driver or have someone hack my bank account ". But if we are honest with ourselves, we will recognize that our thoughts and feelings were scattered, we were feeling lonely, desperate, distracted, out of harmony, unworthy, stressed, preoccupied and/or vulnerable; and these thoughts acted like a magnet to place us at the right place at the right time for that vibrational thought to be matched.

It isn't difficult to change your thoughts from “I don't have" to "I do have" or "I think that person is (fill in the blank)" It does require action on your part to consciously pay attention, take corrective action and then practice it until it becomes just as easy.

If you think about it, we only experience difficulty because it is an invitation to change. Otherwise, what would motivate us to ever do anything different?

You learned as a child that fire was hot and could burn, that ice was cold and could freeze, that driving too fast around a curve could cause a wreck, that water on the floor was slippery, and the list goes on.  

So when did you STOP learning that actions have consequences and just went into a blind mantra mode with thoughts and statements that were creating so many of the thing you did not want? You are not going to get an apple if you plant a potato seed. You are not going to get to New York from Miami if you are on I-10 heading west toward Los Angeles. So why do you think you can attract money from a poverty mindset or a loving relationship when you won't love yourself?

Who is driving your thoughts? Are you consciously creating or just in auto-pilot, blindly accepting other people's beliefs without considering whether they are true for you or not?

Take some time to review your current life experiences and see which ones are being created by a negative or limiting thoughts and views. If your "view" is one of not enough money, ask yourself, is it really true, is it fear talking or was that really your parent's point of view and you accepted as truth for you? Are you only looking at the current moment's experience without recognizing today's experience is the creation of what your thoughts were yesterday? 

When you are willing to walk through your life every day from the place of creating consciously, with intention and from your heart, you will have brand new experiences because of your awareness. Let the Universe match what you are really wanting and not what was created out of brain looping from unworthiness or victimhood.  See the good and experience the good.  Know you will receive and you will. Get into the how it will feel when you have what you want with gratitude for receiving it. Celebrate your victories and act as if...because the Universe will ALWAYS make YOU RIGHT.

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