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You may have heard the term "Path of Mastery" and said "that's nice" and had no clue what that really means.

Let's look at it more closely...to me, "path" implies movement. The word path is much like a trail or road...something that you move along to get yourself from point A to point B.

"Path of" implies that it is a specific kind of path.

"Mastery" implies that it is something you have done so many times, you know almost all there is to know about it. You have become a "subject matter expert," familiar with each and every aspect of it...the good, the bad, the ugly, the ways it works, the ways it doesn't, the width, the breadth and the depth of it. I say almost all because I allow for future growth of expansion and there are things from our now perspective that we don't know might be possible.

For example, Thomas Edison found 99 ways light bulbs do not work...and then he found the one that did and we used it for a long while. Then someone else picked it up and took it even further. Look how light bulbs have changed over the course of your life. Or how about computers...they started out as big as buildings with very small memory and processor speed and today they are as big as a mosquito and a million times faster and still being improved.

So, when we say Path of Mastery in metaphysical terms...mastery of what? Why? And who cares?

This is one of those deep questions some of us ask and ponder. Why am I here in this life time, right now? What is my purpose? What am I "supposed" to be doing? How do I know I'm on a path? How do I know I'm on the right path? How do I know I'm doing it right? And the list goes on...

It is also a question that may slap up against one or more of your core beliefs or your religious teachings and, as all things, is a matter of perspective and reason. 

So humor me a moment and allow my ramblings...For the purposes of this discussion, let's assume you believe in the concept of past lives, in the possibility of you being an eternal being and you having a physically focused experience here on planet Earth, and let's suppose you wanted to know what love was all about.

So here you are, this beautiful eternal being who is trying to fully understand love. You know about heavenly unconditional love because you are an eternal being, but what do you know about human love? parent love? sibling love? best friend love? partner love? conditional love? animal love? plant love? earth love? fake love? misguided love? misidentified love?

What else might you want to know about love? How about all the things that love is not! Like hate? anger? rage? guilt? blame? jealousy? judgement? control? violence? abuse? rejection? betrayal? abandonment?

Now, as this eternal being who is eager to learn all aspect of love, to become that subject matter's expert on love, you decide to come down into a physical form in a physical world for the sole purpose of learning all the many aspects of love.

You come down to Earth and have a life where you learn an aspect or two about love. You leave the earth plane, integrate what you learned, pick another aspect or two and jump back in. And you keep doing this, retaining what you learned each time, and then returning to learn a new aspect or deepen one you experienced before. To truly master love, you experience both sides...the one giving and the one receiving. So think of both lists above and imagine yourself in the role of the giver and then in the role of the receiver for each (and all the others you thought of that I didn't list).

Now, think of how you perceived things when you were 3-4 years old and how you perceive the same thing now as the adult you are with all your adult experiences. You have a broader deeper wider perspective that has been "flavored" and "colored" by your experiences as the giver and the receiver.

Can you see that as a young child, you were limited in your knowledge and awareness and as the adult, you had a broader and deeper sense? Can you also see that as a soul trying to learn (master) something, when you have a limited experience, you can't see the whole picture yet and as you have more experiences and can integrate them, you are beginning to become that subject matter expert?

Consider your life now,  what do you know about love? How many aspects of what it is and what it is not do you know about? By know, I mean, you have experienced many aspects and as you think about them, you can see them from the mindset of mastery versus ego. You can see the aspects of what it is and what it is not with the knowing they are simply just an aspect of love. What does your experiences tell you about your width, depth and breadth of love? Can you see the beauty of unconditional love, even when your human view wants you to judge, be biased or just angry? Can you see how difficult it truly is in the physical world when we operate behind the veil of forgetting we are an eternal being? Can you see how a path of mastery of love might look?

Let's cycle back to a path of mastery. Most of us are so busy living life and getting by that we often don't stop and think about mastering anything that doesn't pay us to do it.

What if mastering a path of love was a way to be AND to do the things you are already doing that pay you? Let me say it again...what if it was THE WAY you do what you are already doing to get paid?

Might it look like Kindness? Honesty? Integrity? Helpfulness? Honor? Respect? Caring? Sharing? Hand up (not hand out)?

Might it not look like Cheating? Lying? Manipulating? Deceit? Temper tantrums? Insisting on it always being 'your way'?

What if you made a decision to walk a path of mastery of love and made a conscious decision to, every day, stand in the truth of love, were kind and generous, helpful and honest, true to yourself, not lying, not judging, not cheating and not manipulating. Do you think your world would be different?

What if you became aware that you were living a life of learning the aspects of what love was not. Could you then view it as going deep and wide and not feeling broken by the experiences? Do you think knowing that it's just an experience of an aspect of love, you could then quickly move through your perceived pain and find the love for the other who helped you see that aspect?

There is no right or wrong answer. If you have never been aware and still don't care, great for you. If you can see it and view your life differently now, great for you. 

It's all about perspective and growing and waking up to you. The real you. Enjoy your journey. Marvel at your life adventures...the good, the bad and the ugly...and know that you are right where you are supposed to be, doing what you came to do. Be kind and gentle with yourself...after all, you are just learning an aspect of love.

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