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We've all had situations and occurrences in our life that shape who we are and how we identify. Sometimes those cast a positive shadow and sometimes they keep us in a negative pattern, repeating the same story word for word. Constantly seeing the situation in a way that re-traumatizes you, that prevents you from moving forward, that stops you from learning and growing. I'm going to give a few examples from my life and from the lives of others...not to shame or judge, but so we can all try to reframe those same or similar situations in our own lives into something that we can grow and learn from and switch into a pattern that helps us and raises us out of a lower vibrational stream.

I've been told that I need to go up from a situation so that I can see it from a higher perspective. It allows me or whoever else to see the story from all sides, who all of the players are, what they are bringing to the situation, and also from the perspective of how this helps my soul grow. When I am in the midst of a trying time, I really have to consciously do this, because sometimes I would rather just not deal with it (my first go to), or just whine about how much it sucks and how much it hurt. Going into that higher perspective not only allows me to see what biases and lenses I'm bringing to the situation, but also allows me to see the other people in a more empathetic light with all the baggage they are bringing with them. It also allows me to see the roles we all played in the situation on a universal soul level that allows for all those involved to learn and grow and get further along on our paths of masteries.

I had been intuitively or psychically seeing a situation play out in a violent, traumatic way. And yet, I was only allowed to allude to what I was seeing. I wasn't allowed to interfere. I wasn't allowed to warn outright. I couldn't stop the situation from happening for a few reasons: 1) I didn't know when it was going to happen, 2) there was a higher, karmic lesson attached for the people involved, 3) if I had interfered, then I would have stopped that lesson and I would have incurred some karmic debt, and 4) every time I tried to say something, I was stopped...stopped by a higher guide...I was only allowed to vaguely warn on how the situation might turn out if the energy flow continued. As it turned out, this was enough to allow the awareness to be just within reach and the situation was diffused in a less violent and traumatic way...but not completely avoided. So this sent me into a sort of existential tailspin because why was I being shown something that I couldn't prevent? Had I somehow failed those involved in the situation? Had I read the energy wrong or missed something that could have prevented it? What's the point of knowing if I have no control over the outcome or knowing the timing? My human ego was pouting...I didn't like the outcome because I wanted them to avoid the situation completely. I'm a libra...I like harmony and balance and peace...and sometimes at all costs even if it's ultimately detrimental.

So...I had to talk with a friend and mentor to help me reframe this situation. That person helped me see reasons number 2 and 3 above because I had not seen them before. I was too far into shame and doubt and guilt and "what's the point of intuition?" that I couldn't see the situation in a higher perspective. I needed someone else to reframe it for me.

As a nurse, I have worked with hundreds of patients. What I have seen is that when the person associates who they are with their illness, pain, disease...they don't get well and they don't get better. When the identity of the person is "My name is Jane and I have infliction A," who is she when she no longer has infliction A? How will other people treat her if she is well? Will she still be loved and cared for? They have to learn how to reframe who they are and what their illness or pain is stemming from and that can feel overwhelming and impossible to many. But once the person is able to see themselves outside of the confines of the pain or illness, then they can reframe their life and who they are and what that disease means to them on a soul level.

Also, when a person views their illness, pain, or disease as the enemy they are at war with, this also sets off a vibrational stream of conflict and angst and the physical body goes into fight or flight mode...setting off a cascade of physical reactions that affect the person. If you can reframe the infliction in a way that allows you to look at it from the point of view of what is this showing me that needs attention in my life? Is it saying that I need to take better care of myself in the way of eating healthy and exercising? Is it telling me that I really need to find a healthier way of dealing with stress and my emotions? Is it showing me that I can embrace and love any challenge that comes my way as a means to allowing my soul to grow and to master a lesson? When we can integrate the pain or disease and surround it in love and gratitude and appreciation, then we can attain a peace and calm in our life that allows for the possibility of feeling totally supported and loved by the Universe. To know, that no matter what we face, we will be ok...and stronger and better.

This can also apply to a survivor of abuse, a survivor of a traumatic event, a person who has an eating disorder, a person who has been through recovery for an addiction, or any number of situations. It can be a person who has been chasing after a relationship with someone who will never see them the same way they see that person. We all have our stories. Some of our stories are hilarious and joyous and amazing. And some of our stories are sad. They hurt. Some are so buried we aren't even aware that we live them and repeat them on a daily basis. But all it takes is reframing....looking at our life from a higher perspective - from a soul level. Reframing those repetitive patterns from the viewpoint of what do I have to learn from this pattern? What is it trying to show me that I need to work on within myself? When we can frame everything that happens with love, gratitude for the lesson attached, and appreciation for the opportunity to grow, we can start feeling the safety and security that the Universe provides. Because...you ARE supported and loved and safe within the arms of the divine Universe.

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